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U.S. and Canada Policy, Regulatory &
Incentives Workstreams

Policy, Regulatory & Incentives Workstream at Blue Sky Maritime Coalition

John Nadeau_Headshot1.jpg

John Nadeau

U.S. Policy, Regulatory & Incentives Workstream Lead


Robin BSMC.jpg

Robin Squires

Canada Policy, Regulatory & Incentives Workstream Lead



Advocate for industry and government policies and projects that accelerate commercial development of low-to-zero-emission vessels (inland, harbor,
coastal and oceangoing), bunkering and infrastructure development, and additional emissions reduction measures in the U.S. and Canadian inland and coastal marine sectors.


Create a blueprint of funding and regulatory recommendations for emission reductions across all jurisdictions.



Proactively engage with industry to accelerate policy and regulator pathways, define guidelines, certification and rules required, and address barriers identified with new technologies for emission reduction.

Identify shovel-ready/“yard-ready” case studies to demonstrate industry needs and role of government in advancing solutions to demonstrate, scale and e-risk innovations.


Catalogue, track and leverage relevant collaborative groups in U.S./Canadian and globally to determine areas of convergence and divergence that will aid in reducing emissions for the marine sector.

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