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Tacoma Green Hydrogen:
Mobile Green Shore Power

Jennifer States


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Project Coordinator:


Opportunity to expand partners for WA Maritime Blue's Mobile Green Shore Power demonstration project. WA Maritime Blue is working in a consortium for a proposed demonstration project for Green Hydrogen generation and use. This demonstration plans to utilize Tacoma Power’s green energy (primarily hydropower, 97% carbon free) for electrolysis to produce formic acid as a liquid hydrogen carrier for safer storage and transport. The formic acid is reformed into hydrogen for use in a fuel cell. The application is a 1 MW Mobile Cold Ironing system, truck mounted with two cargo containers, one for the fuel cell and one for the tank storage, which also can enable deployment where needed for avoiding substation costs for each berth, as well as enabling energy security and resiliency applications.


Demonstrate the viability of formic acid as a liquid hydrogen carrier, enabling it as a future fuel for maritime applications. Scale the production for meeting future maritime fueling needs. Provide a mobile shore power/cold ironing fuel cell system to improve the business case and reduce costs for shore power. 



WA Maritime Blue partners are seeking additional partners and funding support to make this  demonstration opportunity a reality. 

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