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Zero Emissions Harbor Tug
& Barge and Associated Infrastructure 

Paul Manzi


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Project Coordinator:


The current project goal of HyZET: A Design and Feasibility Study Fuel Cell-Powered Commercial Harbor Craft is to develop a hydrogen fuel cell-powered tugboat design ready for construction and implementation at the Port of Los Angeles.  The focus of the study is on the challenges using liquid hydrogen to power the tugboat and how liquid hydrogen can be produced/delivered to port.  BSMC is exploring expanding the HyZET feasibility study to include a focus on fueling infrastructure for the Port of Los Angeles, as well as future opportunites for building H2 demonstration vessels in multiple U.S. and Canada ports with associated infrastructure. 


Supporting hydrogen fueling availability and infrastructure at the Port of Los Angeles for a demonstration vessel, as well as multiple hydrogen-powered demonstration vessels with associated infrastructure for hydrogen production, storage and bunkering.



The HYZET vessel feasibility study is underway, but additional BSMC support is needed for enabling fueling availability and infrastructure to support the first vessel demonstration and additional demonstration vessels at other locations.

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