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Jennifer States

Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer


Jennifer brings 20 years of renewable energy and clean tech experience in industry, non-profit, government and research environments. She is the Vice President, Projects and Strategy for Washington Maritime Blue, a recently launched cluster organization for maritime innovation and sustainability. Prior to this role, Jennifer was the Director for Blue Economy at DNV, Energy and Maritime - North America. Her focus areas include port and maritime innovation and decarbonization projects; such as electrification and alternative fuels for vessels, as well as shoreside renewable energy, storage and microgrids

Her experience includes work at DNV, Port of Port Angeles, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, managing a wind development company, as well as serving as City Councilor for Sequim, WA. Her greatest accomplishments include launch and leadership for Washington Maritime Blue, launching a start-up in carbon fiber recycling, implementation of key renewable energy policy, and driving development of clean energy projects.

She is working to create cross-sector and cross-organization collaboration opportunities to advance the Blue Economy. In 2020, she was asked to testify in Congress on new structures to support cross-cutting Energy and Maritime commercialization activities. She is helping to lead the UN Sustainable Ocean Business Action Platform activities on Shipping Decarbonization and Harnessing Ocean Energy. For Washington Maritime Blue, she leads Joint Innovation Projects and development of Blue Economy strategic engagements and collaborative efforts.

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